Andrée-Anne Pellerin Andrée-Anne Pellerin

Andrée-Anne Pellerin

I'm an academic and researcher in Art History, but when my nose is not in a book, I'm a Branding, Content & Communications Coordinator.

Angela Marshall Angela Marshall

Angela Marshall

I'm a self-taught, left-handed acoustic guitar player and a half-dozen song singer, but when I have to be the majority, I'm a Product Specialist.

Bettina Dicky Lobé Bettina Dicky Lobé

Bettina Dicky Lobé

I'm a passionate power-and-speed basketball player, but when I'm not on the court, I'm an enthusiastic Partner Sales Executive selling a powerful document generation software.

Cédric Lampron Cédric Lampron

Cédric Lampron

I love how my guitar brings people together and allows me to share my passion for music, but when I have to do pair programming, I'm a Software Developer.

Chris Tully Chris Tully

Chris Tully

When I relive the good old days, I play volleyball and use floppy disks. When I live in the present, I'm a Senior Implementation Specialist who still play volleyball and use the latest technologies.

Danielle Marcinkowski Danielle Marcinkowski

Danielle Marcinkowski

I love the beauty of nature and watching my garden grow, but when I'm helping customers and partners grow their business, I'm a Sales Director.

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Eric Batangan Eric Batangan

Eric Batangan

Growing up, I enjoyed hip hop music, especially Run-D.M.C. Growing old, I have become a Senior Sales Executive who treats himself with a snowboard with Run-D.M.C's picture on it.

Éric Gauthier Éric Gauthier

Éric Gauthier

When I need to concentrate, I listen to music. When I need to be a Senior Software Developper, I listen to music.

Frantz Uris Frantz Uris

Frantz Uris

At my Taekwondo classes, I practice my kicking techniques as a "blue-red bar" belt. At work, I maintain systems using the best techniques as an IT Specialist.

Geneviève Désy Geneviève Désy

Geneviève Désy

I can't live without my crossword puzzles, but when I have to exchange words, I'm a HR & Finance Coordinator.

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Guillaume Martin Guillaume Martin

Guillaume Martin

I love the competitive yet playful spirit of board games, but when I'm not obliterating my opponents, I'm a Senior Web Developer and Graphic Designer.

Jonathan Gagné Jonathan Gagné

Jonathan Gagné

When I'm a master chef, I like my filet mignon cooked rare. When I'm a Project Management & Implementation Team Lead, I like my projects well done.

Katie Moore Katie Moore

Katie Moore

I love experimenting with cooking, but when I'm not creating the best recipes for friends and family, I'm a Sales Executive selling the best document generation software to customers.

Louis-Philippe Perras Louis-Philippe Perras

Louis-Philippe Perras

I love eating gummies and drinking Grape Crush, but when I have to be an adult, I'm a Chief Technology Officer.

Marc-André Boivin Marc-André Boivin

Marc-André Boivin

I'm a semi-pro hockey player, but when I have to be an all-star player, I'm a Software Engineering Manager.

Mathieu Aubin Mathieu Aubin

Mathieu Aubin

With my beard and my hops garden, I'm a master brewer. With my beard and my computer, I'm a Senior Software Developer.

Matthias D'Hont Matthias D'Hont

Matthias D'Hont

As a rugby player, I like the discipline, respect and friendship it takes to overcome the biggest challenges. As a Technical Support Specialist, I like solving customers' challenges to help them achieve the best results.

Michel Renaud Michel Renaud

Michel Renaud

With my colored crayons, I play the cartoonist and create fun characters. With my keyboard and computer, I play the Technical Support Lead.

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Pamela Velentzas Pamela Velentzas

Pamela Velentzas

I'm a running junkie, but when I'm not hitting the pavement, I'm a Corporate Marketing & Partner Manager that promotes a leading-edge CCM software to companies.

Philippe Lefebvre Philippe Lefebvre

Philippe Lefebvre

I'm the perfect archetype of a "computer guy" with my hoody. It warms up my brain when I have to be the perfect Software Developer.

Pierre Boucher Pierre Boucher

Pierre Boucher

With my camera, I discover the world from a different angle and stimulate my creative side. With my computer, I discover new technologies and stimulate my Senior Software Developer side.

Rudy Vanhille Rudy Vanhille

Rudy Vanhille

I'm a golfer, a singer and a salsa dancer, but during my entrepreneur time, I'm a General Manager, Europe and Chief Marketing Officer supported by a powerful team to transform the business strategy into a growing company.

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Stéphane Cloutier Stéphane Cloutier

Stéphane Cloutier

In the kitchen, my passion is cooking Thai and Indian dishes with a nice glass of wine. In the office, my priority is optimizing sales opportunities with my Pre-Sales Engineer skills.

Yannic Méthot Yannic Méthot

Yannic Méthot

During my vacation, I look forward to exciting road trips in my Tesla Model 3. At work, I look forward to being a Software Release Manager in my Humanscale chair.